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For 42 years, from 1955 to 1997, our company performed the important task of producing and selling JIS Standard Sand (now “Toyoura Silica Sand”), primarily used for strength testing of cement in Japan, under exclusive mandate from the Cement Association of Japan. But, from 1997 the Japan specifications for JIS Standard Sand changed to the European ISO Standard Sand and our Toyoura Silica Sand became the “former” Toyoura Standard Sand. However, our company is supported by many customers over a broad range of industries. When Toyoura Silica Sand was JIS Standard Sand the bulk of orders for silica sand came from the cement industry for the purpose of strength testing, but we also had orders for test and research sand from government agencies and universities, and private companies also used our sand for research and development. Today, orders for cement strength testing have fallen, but Toyoura Silica Sand is playing an indispensable role for testing and research in many fields. We have realized anew that high quality silica sand (SiO2) is not only for cement strength testing but can be used in diverse ways.

The special characteristic of Toyoura Silica Sand is that the silica sand particles are small but evenly distributed. In addition, it is a very valuable resource that only exists in limited places. Our company continues to maintain the former JIS standard sand test standards at the Cement Association of Japan and sells the only silica sand (SiO2) that has passed such a test. We implement strict quality control. In order to keep such high standards costs are incurred and our Toyoura Silica Sand is not cheap, but when used for research and experimental purposes the excellent quality compared to other sands can be clearly understood.

That the unique special characteristics of Toyoura Silica Sand can be used over a broad range of experimental and research areas for diverse purposes in different industries is an honor for our company. We are very pleased that Toyoura Silica Sand is able to bear an important part of the research, testing, and development fields that are the foundation of Japanese society and this encourages us to continue our business. For the future also our company will work to continue stable supply of high quality Toyoura Silica Sand and make effort to maintain a sustainable business that will keep nature for the future. In mining the sand we consider how to return the land to greenery and continue the mining business of natural silica sand, a blessing of nature.

We thank all the specialists of various fields who choose the Toyoura Silica Sand of our company and hope that you will continue the experiments, research, etc., that is indispensable to the safety, well-being and happiness of Japan.

Thank you.

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