Toyoura Sand 硅石とは

Product Name:Toyoura Silica Sand

Manufacturer:Toyoura Keiseki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Toyoura Silica Sand is a rare natural silica sand (SiO2) occurring only in the Toyoura area of Yamaguchi prefecture. The silica sand product industry usually grinds silica rocks and gravel to make silica sand, but the raw sand for Toyoura Silica Sand occurs naturally and has particles between 106 microns and 500 microns.

The raw sand is already a fine particle sand between 106 microns and 500 microns and there are very few locations where this fine-grained natural silica sand occurs. Therefore, our company does not need to do any artificial crushing and produces the sand through the three steps of washing, drying, and passing through a sieve to obtain sand of 106 microns to 300 microns for our Toyoura Silica Sand. As a result, our “Toyoura Silica Sand” is high quality, 100% natural and rare silica sand (SiO2).

Our Toyoura Silica Sand is known as one of the top three silica sands, along with Leighton Buzzard Sand in the UK and Ottawa Sand in the USA. Also, since our representative director is an American, all our officers are bilingual and have bicultural business experience. For that reason, our company is well prepared to accept orders from around the world and we have the knowhow to ship our products to various countries, other than countries under special circumstances, in the world.

The special characteristic of our Toyoura Silica Sand as a naturally formed silica sand compared to an artificially crushed sand is the shape of the particles formed naturally over thousands of years. The particles are rounded and exceedingly fluid, and because of this Toyoura Silica Sand, when used in experiments, is a silica sand (SiO2) that leads to consistent results and stable outcomes. Also, since the ratio of SiO2 in Toyoura Silica Sand is over 90%, our Toyoura Silica Sand is high quality silica sand (SiO2).

Another face of Toyoura Silica Sand is that from 1955 to 1997 it was called Toyoura Standard Sand under the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) and was the standard sand used for strength testing of cement in Japan. Our company, even now, continues to have our sand tested under the former standard sand specifications by the Cement Association of Japan. During the time that our Toyoura Silica Sand was the Standard Sand under JIS and even now when it is the former Toyoura Standard Sand, for over 65 years we have undertaken the same quality control. As a result, our “Toyoura Silica Sand” is a product that has passed the test standards of the Cement Association of Japan with each bag of our sand having a tag attached showing that it has passed the test standards for the former Standard Sand, and we are selling that sand as our Toyoura Silica Sand. If desired by a customer, we will issue a Toyoura Silica Sand test certificate, for a small fee, setting out the percentage remainder at each sieve size, the unit volume and the lot number.

Special Characteristics:

  1. Appearance is light beige
  2. Particle distribution has been adjusted to be within 106~300μm
  3. Volume is more than 1.50g/ml / specific gravity is approx 2.63g/ml


  1. Toyoura Silica Sand is used for civil engineering and construction related cement/concrete strength and density testing, as well as liquefaction and other geologic and soil mechanics related research.
  2. In addition, Toyoura Silica Sand is well suited for use in any research project that needs sand with the characteristics of even particle distribution, no organic matter, and a set level of quality.
  3. We were honored to recently learn that our Toyoura Silica Sand, under the name of “Earth Sand”, is being used in the “Kibo” research center of the International Space Station to test substances in reduced gravities.
Product Name : Toyoura Silica Sand
Packing : 45kg/hemp bag
Price : JPY 17,600 (including consumption tax) (shipping extra)
Manufacturer Toyoura Keiseki Kogyo Co., Ltd
Address Ooaza Kuroi, Toyoura-cho,
Yamaguchi-ken 759-6312 Japan
Tel +81-83-772-0038
Fax +81-83-772-0823
Toyoura Silica Sand
(clean natural sand without organic matter)
Packing 45kg/hemp bag
Test Contents (JIS R 5201)
Particle size range
and percentage
Standard copper 300 micron sieve remainder less than 1%
Standard copper 106 micron sieve remainder more than 98%
Volume 1.50≦ (kg/liter)
Presence of organic impurities No organic impurities found
Natural silica sand: 90%+ silica content
Chemical composition (approx.) ig. loss
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